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Cupboards and Kitchens

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets
By Andrea Arscott

Insufficient kitchen storage can drive anyone nuts. If you’re forced to leave every appliance on the counter, your kitchen starts to look like a thrift store. Plus, you lose valuable counter space needed to cut your parsnips and green beans. Don’t be undernourished. With The Reno King’s help, you can rest assured that you’ll be happy with your kitchen renovation and all your new cubbyholes. There are many things to consider when contemplating cabinetry, but today we're talking functionality.

When weighing your options, think about how you utilize the kitchen. For instance, when you’re sweating over the stove making beef stew for your beloved in-laws, what do you prefer to have in the cupboards next to you? If your answer includes plates, do you have a large collection that you'd prefer to squeeze into one unit? If so, you might want to pick a cabinet with longer shelving inside. Make sure you choose a kitchen ensemble with large cupboards or sliders to store pots and pans and enough drawers for utensils and cutlery.

Think back to all the houses you’ve lived in, and ask yourself what annoyed you about each kitchen. Put aside fond memories of cockroaches and silverfish, and focus on surfaces and inadequate cupboard spaces. Do you recall hard to clean materials that showed fingerprints or cupboards that were smaller than a bread maker? Maybe you dreamed of having an organized space for all your pot lids or an open bookshelf for all your cookbooks. Jot these things down and voice your concerns to your trusty contractor — The Reno King — he can solve anything.


There are many inexpensive cabinet and counter options that will give you the wow factor you're looking for in your kitchen. Call us today at 604-349-KING (5464), and one of our estimators will visit free of charge to go over your options and gather necessary information, so we can get back to you with an estimate. Alternatively, you can click here to fill out our online form, and an expert will contact you as soon as possible.

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