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How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Vancouver?

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom in Vancouver but not sure about the cost? Like any smart consumer you will do a little shopping around and invite a few general contractors over to get some estimates. We do  A LOT of bathroom remodels and the cost is usually consistent. Of course there is one here and there where no surprises pop up and end up under budget (rarely) and a few that end up much more than estimated. For the most part we are usually within 10 % of our bathroom remodel estimates if nothing is changed or added and no major surprises pop up.

So let's assume you have a typical 8 foot by 5 foot bathroom with a tub and tile surround, toilet, tile floor, 36" vanity, mirror, fan and vanity light. Everything is from 1980 and must go NOW! So we gut the complete bathroom and dispose of everything. You decide to modernize the bathroom with lots of character and average but eye catching fixtures. You choose a curved soaker tub, large ceramic tile with a mosaic border across the shower walls, a dark wood vanity with a glass counter & vessel sink from our friends at, chrome accessories, new fresh paint, new baseboards & trim, a quiet and efficient fan, and a beautiful vanity light! The project took 3 weeks, cost $8,380 and your carpenter friend can't find a flaw in the finished product!

So for a bathroom this size with middle end finishing you can usually budget $6,500 to $9,000. This is an average bathroom with a few minor surprises like walls being out of square or not plumb and the vanity light box not being centered with 2 studs in the way of center position.

The two main reasons why your project will get out of hand are usually due to extras you add in combined with surprises. You decide to add a heated floor, upgrade the tile and faucets, throw in some pot lights and a built in shower shelf. Then we find rot below the toilet that we have to fix, the rot continues into the wall behind the toilet so we remove the drywall. The wall is an exterior one and the insulation is R7 from 1980, which ain't gonna cut it. So we fix the wall, upgrade the insulation, vapor barrier it, redrywall, finish for paint. Then we go to install the tub, we level it and see that it sits on the ground on one side and is 1 inch above ground on the other side, which means your house has settled an shifted over the years. So now we have to build up or build down one side of your floor so your tub 's gap is eliminated or minimized. In the end these major surprises along with the upgrades has now added 30% extra to the cost of the project. OUCH!!!

If you are on a flexible yet definite budget, it's always good to keep the extras out until the bathroom is gutted, the walls and floor are confirmed to be somewhat level and plumb and you know there is no major water damage.

If you would like a detailed estimate on your bathroom project, please CLICK HERE, fill out our contact page and a specialist will be in touch to schedule a visit. Or you can call us at 604-349-5464.

Thank you for reading and remember to always add a touch of royalty to all your renovation projects!


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